The future of Augmented Reality will be at stand CS20-16


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Goo Apps S.L. it's attending Mobile World Congress to present there latest products in Augmented Reality with the collaboration of Shockoe Inc.

“I want to be able to connect with my music through something tangible.”


Vinyl Enthusiast

In our digital world, physicality is forgotten

Provide depth via storytelling that serves to expand upon the initial music

Experiences are too often passive

Offer experiences that are interactive and engaging

Finding what I’m looking for can be difficult

Offer exclusive and rare experiences


Angela is well educated, single, and transitioning into life in her 30s. Se’s realized that while there is now more disposable income in her budget, she has less time to try new things. Instead, she wants to connect more deeply to her existing passion: music. Her vinyl collection has fostered an appreciation for the craft and physicality of albums, and she delights in connecting with the stories behind the music learned from conversations she has at her local record store

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